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Author Response Post

Posted by thefannishwaldo on 2007.04.01 at 18:33
This is the Author Response Post.

Once you have received a letter from either sgatlantislight  or myself, please leave a comment here with the information requested in the letter.

Comments, of course, are screened to keep nominations under wraps until the big reveal. :)

You can email back the person who contacted you,  but we'd prefer comments be left here so that both administrators have access to the information when we need it.  I believe annonymous comments can be made while comments are screened.  If they can't, please email one of us to let us know.  If you aren't posting under the same name that we contacted you under, please let us know (i.e. your livejournal lists you as one name but you post to archives under another).  Thanks.


SG Atlantis Light
sgatlantislight at 2007-04-06 14:01 (UTC) (Link)
Just a reminder that nominations don't close until April 15. Right now we're at 195 m/m, 71 poly, and a mere 25 f/f stories nominated. I'm sure there are a lot of really good stories out there that haven't been mentioned yet. While we have started sending out author letters, this is mostly so we can get ahead of the game here as we hope to have all author letters sent very shortly after nominations close and that's a lot of letters!

So, be the bigger fan by nominating some competition for your own stories! Or, hey, nominate in a different pairing than what you've written.

Oh, and, please, be kind to us copying all the details into our database by using last names in alphabetical order in pairing names-- so, Beckett/McKay and Emmagan/Weir and *not* Liz/Teyla or Zelenka/Lorne or worse still Ronon/Sheppard (exceptions for those without canonical last names, like Sora or Chuck).

And, thanks, guys. You've been great!
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