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Carson Rodney Seriously


Posted by sgatlantislight on 2007.07.20 at 12:46
This is the last of three subcategories in the Emmagan/Weir division. All author-acccepted Emmagan/Weir nominations should be included in one of these three polls. If an error has been made, please contact me immediately so that corrections can be made.

Polls will remain open for a minimum of two weeks (ending no earlier than 8/2/07). Exact ending dates will be announced.

Please vote only with your primary LJ account. People who are found to be ballot stuffing (voting from multiple accounts) will have their votes eliminated from the final tally.

Those who do not have LJ accounts may vote in the screened comments by leaving an email address and the full name of the story and the author under the appropriate poll.

All of the nominations for the Emmagan/Weir category can be found here.

Poll #1025012 Emmagan/Weir - Other

Vote for your favorite story in the category Emmagan/Weir - Other

Echo by viciouswishes
Field Jacket Blues by amitee
In Her Ivory City by viciouswishes
Interruptions by havocthecat
Stops Along the Way by amitee
The Rescue by havocthecat

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