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The Stargate DiversiFICation Awards

Stargate: Atlantis fanfiction awards for rare slash and femme-slash pairings.

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The DiversiFICation Awards
Stargate: Atlantis fanfiction awards for rare slash and femme-slash pairings.

1. Why oh WHY do we need another set of awards?
There are three major Stargate fanfiction award sets currently given out. The SG Fan Awards are inclusive, but typically the Atlantis rare-pairings are overshadowed by the sheer volume of McKay/Sheppard stories and their readers. The McShep awards are, obviously, restricted to the McKay/Sheppard pairing. The Isis awards are limited to rare het pairings and accept no slash at all. The DiversiFICation awards are to recognize achievement by slash and femme-slash authors whose work falls outside the scope of the latter two awards.

2. So what’s your scope?
The DiversiFICation Awards are designed to recognize all slash and femme-slash pairings that are not covered by the other awards. This includes three-way (or more) relationships of any gender grouping. (m/m/m, m/m/f, f/f/f, f/f//m, etc…) We do not include McKay/Sheppard or any strictly het pairings (Teyla/Sheppard, Weir/Chuck, Weir/Sheppard, etc…) because they are the purview of awards already in existence. Stories that focus on a slash pairing, but contain a 'background' het paring are welcome. For example, a story that is really about Sheppard/Lorne, but mentions McKay/Katie Brown is perfectly eligable. Similarly, a Radek/Carson story that has a brief mention of McKay/Sheppard would be eligable.

3. What about SG-1 rare-pairs? Crossovers? What about Art? Vids?
This is our first year, so we’re limiting the awards to fiction. In the future, if things run well, we can add other categories. Right now the mods would prefer to have a well-run competition of smaller scope than to over-extend ourselves trying to be all-encompassing the first time out and have everything flop. It's also come to our attention that the Isis Awards do not accept a story that has any slash in it at all. As we feel more comfortable increasing the scope of the DiversiFICation Awards we plan to develop a category that covers a story that focuses on a rare-het pairing, but also includes slash pairings and are therefor inelligible for an Isis.

As for crossovers, we will accept crossover stories from the Stargate: SG-1 universe only. Sheppard/O'Neill or Weir/Carter for example would be acceptable. Stories whose primary pairing is a crossover pairing from another universe will not be accepted at this time. Teyla/Buffy or Rodney/Monk would not be acceptable.

4. What works are eligible?
Any story that has a primary focus on one or more eligible slash pairing is eligible for nomination. Once nominations are collected, authors will be contacted before a work is included. Authors are welcome to opt-out if they choose. No work will be included unless the author can be contacted and said author replies with permission to include their work/s.

All stories must be completed. Works in progress will not be accepted. If a story is self-contained within an on-going series it will be eligible as long as that particular story is complete. If you are unsure how this rule works, please feel free to contact the moderators and we can answer any questions you have about a particular story.

5. Who can nominate?
Authors may nominate up to 5 of their own works. Anyone can nominate an unlimited number of works by other authors. Nomination directions will be given when nominations open.

6. What will the categories be?
Initially, all works will be broken down by pairing or primary pairings. In cases where a pairing receives an excess of 15 discreet nominations, the co-ordinators will decide on several subcategories that will encompass all nominated works and authors will be contacted in order to place their fic in the sub-category they feel is most appropriate.

For example, if 20 Radek/Rodney stories are nominated, the co-ordinators will look over the stories and decide on common themes. If there are a number of Hurt/Comfort stories, a number of Humor stories and a number of First Time stories, the authors of all 20 stories will be emailed asking them to place their story in one of the three sub-categories. Even though for some of them it may be obvious, we’ll still ask the author to place the story just to be sure. In areas where you have a funny, first-time story, the author will decide which category is most appropriate.

A pairing that receives between 5 and 14 nominations will have one category containing all nominated works.

All pairings that receives between 1 and 4 nominations will be voted on in one large group or moderator-decided logical sub-groups. For example if we have 8 femme slash stories that don't fit into their own pairing categories and 12 slash stories, we might break it down as other -m/m and other-f/f. It'll all depend on how the nominations look.

7. What’s the timeline?
Nominations will open on March 15th and go through April 15th.
Nominations will be posted as we get author permission once nominations close so that we can give you as much time to read the selected works as possible.
On or before May 15th, all nominated works will be posted.
June 15 voting will go live and it will conclude on June 30th.
Votes will be compiled between June 30th and July 15th and the winners will be announced on July 15th.

Nominated authors with works in the 6 categories that require subcategories must send in their subcategories by June 7th so that polls can be created.

Nominated authors who have no yet provided permissions for their stories to appear in the awards have until June 7th to give permission and to provide subcategories if necessary. Providing permission sooner rather than later, however, is recommended to give readers more time to read your stories

We aim to run as close to this schedule as is humanly possible. We know that some people have become very annoyed by awards that give a schedule and then run months behind. Please help out by sticking to our deadlines. Thanks!

8. Where can I find things?
We have an index right here.

9. Who can we talk to if we have questions?
Your humble organizers are sgatlantislight and thefannishwaldo. Questions can be left as comments to community posts. In most cases comments will be screened by default. We may lift screening if we think the answer to your question will help the community at large.

Note: Feel free to either join or watch the comm, but know that only maintainers have posting privileges. If you need to reach someone, comment to a community post or contact one of the maintainers off the comm.